Bestmalz malt

In order to brew individual beers it is necessary to have a wide variety of different types of excellent malt. BESTMALZ offers about 40 different variations of best quality malts such as base malts, caramel malts and roasted malts. BESTMALZ has become internationally renowned as a high quality brand-name product with local origins and is widely appreciated by brewers of excellent beers around the world. 

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At BESTMALZ, all malts are made using only the highest quality two-rowed spring barley from the best German and European cultivating areas. Their advantage is the location of their product plants in the heart of nature. The purity of their product portfolio reflects pure air and water. They actively participate in expert committees in order to determine the best barley grade to ensure outstanding malting and brewing  characteristics. They do not use genetically modified raw materials. 

Malting barley and wheat are natural products. Therefore the specifications are subject to seasonal variations. However, by selecting only the best raw materials BESTMALZ guarantees utmost stability and continuity in all their malt products.

BESTMALZ refines the high-grade brewing raw material with the most modern malting technology under continuous quality control:

BEST steeping technology: careful purification, airing, CO2 extraction and climatization is the optimal preparation for the germination process
BEST germination technology: controlled germination without chemical additives (German Purity Law) in saladin compartments and germination lines 
BEST kilning technology: careful drying of green malts using indirect firing with computer-aided process control and environmentally friendly natural or liquid gas

Bestmalz malt beer