petainerKeg™ opens new markets, reduces costs, reduces initial investment, guarantees taste and is completely recyclable.

petainerKeg™ are lightweight beverage containers manufactured in recyclable PET and designed for one-way use. They are currently available in sizes of 15, 20 and 30 litres. Classic PetainerKegs are provided with a corresponding cardboard box for easier handling.

All the kegs are available with one-way, low cost fittings which allow them to be connected to existing tapping systems for draught beer- they are produced with standard fittings: A, S and D type.


PetainerKegs are also suitable for a range of beverages including beer, cider, wine and low pressure carbonated soft drinks.

The most recent addition to PetainerKeg family is Hybrid Keg. Its most beneficial features are:

- improved stackability,

- excellent stability,

- easier handling and

- thicker wall, which also means improved CO2 and O2 gas barrier, which helps protect the quality of the beer.


For now it is only available in 20L size, but we are expecting a 30L Hybrid Keg soon.


PetainerKeg beer kegs
PetainerKeg beer kegs

Why PetainerKeg?

All the kegs offer economic and environmental benefits when compared with metal kegs and other plastic variants. They are especially suited for two types of breweries:
-    New microbreweries, to which the investment in steel kegs and cleaning lines normally represent a big obstacle to their growth. So, petainerKeg represents the best solution to encourage growth without the high investments, and for
-    Any brewery, which would like to expand their business to foreign countries. Since steel kegs need to be returned to the brewery after they are exported, there are a lot of accomanying transport costs. However, export is much easier with petainerKeg, since they can be discarded with ease.